3 Ways to Repair a Hand Pallet Truck

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Another hand pallet truck has broken.  That invaluable but often ignored piece equipment isn’t working.  What now?  Put it to one side and buy a new one?  Ask Handy Andy to have a go at it?  Maybe get the fork truck engineer to take a look next time he’s in.  Or should you call in a specialist repairer?  It may surprise you to find that the last option is often the most cost effective.  Hand pallet truck repair is readily available and generally cost effective.

The Pallet Truck Myth

Scrap the truck, it isn’t cost effective to repair hand pallet trucks.  This is a myth.  If you have a Room 101 where broken pallet trucks lie in a heap there’s a good chance you can make large savings. This is an actual extract from a review.  ‘…and even was (sic) able to repair three broken trucks that we were going to throw out.’    We cover the UK mainland so call us now on 0161 272 1900 to discuss what we can do for you.

Repair it in house

This is an option if you have someone who is experienced in hydraulic and mechanical repairs.  A reliable supplier of spare parts and the time to carry out the work are of course essential.  If the repair fails, we recommend that you don’t call in a specialist as the cost is likely to be excessive.   Why?  Because attempting to repair a botched job usually takes longer than starting from scratch.

Use your fork truck supplier

This a bit like paying a main dealer to top up the oil in your car.  Fork truck engineers cost a lot to train and carry expensive and sophisticated equipment.  Their hourly rate therefore is likely to make the repair uneconomical.  Often their advice is to scrap the truck and buy a new one.

Use a specialist pallet truck repair company

Pallet trucks are far more complicated machines than they may at first appear.  A specialist repairer will usually repair the trucks on site, on the first visit by using parts from their van.  All they need is a safe area to work and their own skill, knowledge and experience.  The risk of future breakdowns can be reduced by servicing the remaining fleet whilst we’re on site.  PUWER certification is included for additional peace of mind.


If money and/or time are not a priority (!) any of these options are possible.  However, if increasing bottom line profitability is the goal, then a specialist repair company is often the best answer.  Call us now on 0161 272 1900 to discover how easy it can be.  Don’t forget, we cover the UK mainland.