Are Pump Truck Repairs a Cost Effective Solution?

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Are pump truck repairs a cost effective solution?  A common answer seems to be no, throw it away and buy a new one!  Our answer (as you might expect) is somewhat different!  In most cases the answer is a resounding yes!  Having said that, we also issue a word of caution.

Can the truck be repaired?  Although this can be answered yes or no, no one (not even us!) can answer that fully, without seeing it.  If you are advised to buy a new one without it being examined, our advice is to be careful.  Discuss it with a professional, specialist repair company first.

Questions, questions, questions!

If a repair appears hopeful, the next question is: ‘Is this supplier credible?’ Do they have good testimonials, a professionally designed website, and adequate insurance? Are they accredited by Safecontractor® and even ISO9001?  Are enquiries handled quickly and professionally?’  If it helps, we meet all these criteria!

Cost effective pump truck repairs, service and certification are our core business.  We’ve very good at it but don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews.

What will it cost?

If everything looks good so far, the price now becomes a consideration.  Having been given an estimate, you may wish to ask yourself if it seems realistic.  After all, the contractor will need to send a skilled engineer on site complete with van, tools and spares.

The old maxim – ‘Buy cheap; buy twice,’ generally applies.  We don’t claim to be the cheapest but we do offer great value for money.

What if repairs aren’t possible?

We also offer two guarantees.  Firstly, if we believe the truck(s) is beyond economical repair, we’ll tell you.  Secondly, if we do repair it, the cost will be considerably less than buying a good quality new pump truck.


Cost effective pump trucks repairs are being recognised by leading companies as a positive alternative to buying new.  So what are you waiting for?  Start saving today by calling us on 0161 272 1900.  If you’re on the UK mainland, we can probably help.