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Ppallet truck repairs

Maintain your pallet trucks

Maintain your pallet trucks for optimum performance of those tireless workhorses in the warehouse.   Always available, we expect them to do exactly what we want them to do but when they do go wrong, it’s usually at the most inconvenient time!  Is there an answer?  Yes, regular maintenance involving on site servicing and hassle free […]

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for Pallet Trucks Pays Dividends

Pallet truck maintenance pays dividends because any mechanical equipment benefits from being looked after. Who benefits? Retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, garden centres, wholesalers, universities, hospitals, schools, museums, indeed any organisation using pallet trucks will benefit.  Pallet truck maintenance works, the return on investment (ROI) from regular servicing and repair of your pallet trucks is a […]

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Recycle or repair

Repair or Recycle?

In a previous life as a rookie fork truck salesman in the early 80’s I was quoting my customer for a new fork lift truck.  My customer told me in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want one with the “new-fangled electronics”.  I asked him why and he replied “your engineer says they’re rubbish and he’s […]

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ISO9001:2015 Continued Certification

In a nutshell the service and repair  of pallet trucks is what HallmarkFIX does (very well). However, that’s not the whole story, how do we maintain our position as a leading provider of these services? Hard work, a positive attitude to customer service and  the realisation that even the best run companies need some help […]

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Maintenance Character

Free PUWER Report with Every Service

HallmarkFIX repair and service all makes of pallet truck, including high lift pallet trucks AND provide a FREE PUWER report with every pallet truck serviced: offering even more savings and greater value. Companies who view pallet trucks as disposable items are simply throwing money away. With on-site service and repair available across England and Wales, HallmarkFIX is […]

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Photo by Vitali Seminenko on Unsplash

Springtime for Hand Pallet Trucks

Springtime, it’s almost here! Really? I can hear you all say. And with snow on the ground coupled with sub-zero temperatures I can understand where you are coming from. The gardeners amongst you though will now is the time to start preparation for the coming season. Seedlings need to be cultivated, grass feed and weed […]

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We Buy Used Stairclimbers

Let’s get straight to the point… We buy powered stairclimbers so why not talk to us? Redundant equipment takes valuable space We pay immediately Recycling helps the planet   Currently we’re keen to buy whether they’re working or not: Stair Robot SR1750 and SR450 (AATA) Liftkar MTK310 (Sano) Escalera (Pengelly) but we’ll consider others   […]

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Pallet Truck

Black Friday

Black Friday. A curious innovation which has been part of our American cousin’s retail culture for some time now, and something that we Brits have tried to embrace for the past few years. I notice this year that this has also been adopted by some of the larger on-line pallet truck sellers, offering: UNBELIEVABLE DEALS ON NEW […]

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Weighing Hand Pallet Truck

Weighing Hand Pallet Trucks

Weighing loads whether to ensure your vehicles are not overladen, to accurately weigh bulk items for stocktaking purposes or even to comply with trade or customs and excise regulations, there is a huge choice of Weighing Hand Pallet Trucks on the market. The current trend in low cost imported Hand Pallet Trucks is now extending to […]

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