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Black Friday

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Black Friday.

A curious innovation which has been part of our American cousin’s retail culture for some time now, and something that we Brits have tried to embrace for the past few years.

I notice this year that this has also been adopted by some of the larger on-line pallet truck sellers, offering:


The relevant term in the above statement is “Unbelievable Deals”. While it is true some sites are offering pallet trucks from as little as £159.00 (not including delivery) the quality of the goods can leave a little to be desired.

The pallet truck is an integral part of any business needing to move palletised goods, whether in a busy warehouse or on a retail unit shop floor, and is something that should not be chosen on the basis of a marketing ploy.

Always buy from a trusted source but even then, make sure the truck will come a warranty, CE Mark and full parts back up in the UK. It is no use buying cheaply if at the first time a part is required, the item in question is not available.

HallmarkFIX sell European sourced equipment backed by manufacturers who keep full parts inventories in the UK.