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Do PUWER and LOLER regultions still apply now the UK has left the EU?  We’re still in the transition period so things may change.  For now the answer appears to be yes, according to the HSE website.  What does this mean for users of pallets, high lift pallet trucks and mobile scissor lifts?

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks like virtually any other item of workplace equipment are legally required to be inspected under PUWER at least once a year.  In hostile conditions, the time period should be reduced.  N.B. basic models which lift around 200mm from the floor do not require LOLER inspections.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

These are models which typically lift around 800mm from floor level.  Useful for loading and unloading pallets, these models require both PUWER and LOLER examinations.

Mobile Scissor Lifts

Often used to lift and hold items at a comfortable working height, both PUWER and LOLER regulations apply to these items.

On-site Certification

Normally the inspections will be carried out on your own premises.  If the equipment is to be used on your customer’s site, they may well insist on seeing a copy of the certificate to prove that it is safe to use before allowing it onto their premises.


To keep mechanical equipment in safe working order, regular servicing is essential.  For this reason, our engineer with always carry out a full service and any necessary repairs at the time of the inspection.  This helps keep costs down, downtime to a minimum and ensures compliance.  An annual service and inspection is often sufficient but if the truck(s) are working in arduous conditions this should happen more regularly.  The list includes wet areas, brine, corrosive chemicals and cold stores.

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