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Bringing Pallet Trucks out of Lockdown

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Bringing pallet trucks out of lockdown may appear to be straight forward.  In reality, it could prove to cause severe problems with large retailers who have been shut for an extended period.

What’s the problem?

Measure twice, cut once.Pallet trucks use both mechanical and hydraulic functions to carry out their job.  In the loading bay of many large stores, a handful of trucks may be used to handle incoming goods.  The area will normally be well ventilated and heated but it’s likely that neither applied during the time the shop was shut.  Occasional visits by security or maintenance personnel may be been made but if the trucks haven’t moved, this could create difficulties.

What can your staff do?

We strongly recommend that you ask the goods in team to use the pallet trucks before opening.  Try lifting and moving a pallet with each truck to make sure they’re working correctly.  Leave each pallet truck with a full load on it in the raised position for a few minutes and see if it lowers by itself.  If so, there could be an imminent risk of hydraulic failure.  Do the wheels turn freely or have the bearings seized?  Does the trigger mechanism work smoothly or has it gummed up?

If there are problems

Call us as soon as possible on 0161 272 1900 or email and we’ll get an engineer on site before you re-open.  We anticipate a lot of calls around 12th April as stores, restaurants and bars start trading again.  This could delay us getting to you so better to do it now and make sure things run smoothly when you restart.

What will it cost?

We have a fixed cost to service and certify up to 3 trucks at one address.  This includes minor repairs.  Extra trucks or larger repairs will cost more.


Bringing pallet trucks out of lockdown doesn’t have to be a problem.  With a bit of forward planning it can be another problem off your to-do list!  Call us now to discuss.