Buying cheap pallet trucks

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Buying cheap pallet trucks seems to be a popular option but is it wise?  As a leader in the field of pallet truck repair we regularly receive calls from companies who have bought on price.  This can be for the cheapest new truck they could find or a secondhand unit from an auction.

Cheap new pallet trucks

You search for pallet trucks and there it is, a new truck for a lot less than the others.  You place the order (after adding carriage to the price) and a few days after, a shiny new pallet truck arrives.  Unexpectedly, the handle may need to be attached to the unit.  Following the instructions, you now have a working truck.

Alternatively, following the instructions as best you can, it doesn’t seem quite right.  In desperation you call the supplier but that doesn’t help, so you call a repair company but this costs more money.

With the truck up and running, you’re happy until one day it breaks down.  It’s under warranty (phew!) but it means returning the unit to the supplier or being sent a new pump unit to fit yourself!

Buying secondhand

Reliable secondhand trucks rarely come on the market, unless they’ve been fully refurbished.  Most secondhand pallet trucks have been auctioned off because they’re unreliable.  Some may have come from a company that’s closed down but the chances are that they were not serviced or repaired for a long time before.

Are you just buying something that will now require a specialist repair company to sort out?

Refurbish your old ones

If you’re looking for a replacement rather than an extra truck, consider a repair.  We will visit site and give an honest assessment as to whether the old truck(s) are worth repairing or not.  If they are, we’ll normally be able to have it up and running on the first visit.  If not, we’ll recommend you buy a new one.  It doesn’t have to come from us (we’ll be happy if it does) but regardless, we’ll recommend you to buy quality, not on price.

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