Wheels for Pallet Trucks – Selecting the Right Ones

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Whilst most pallet trucks are supplied with nylon wheels, there are important alternatives.   The most common wheels for pallet trucks are shown below.  It may be possible to get an engineer on site to swap them on your existing trucks.  HallmarkFIX have engineers across the UK mainland and we’re happy to discuss the various options.  Call us on 0161 272 1900.

Pallet Truck Fork Wheels Nylon wheels for pallet trucks

These are the cheapest option.  They are:

  • durable and long lasting
  • good on hard, smooth floors
  • fine with heavy loads
  • non-marking

The downsides are:

  • they won’t easily ride over small obstacles like small stones or screws
  • they can damage weaker floors
Polyurethane (poly) wheels for pallet trucks

Polyurethane wheels have a layer of polyurethane over a nylon wheel.  The net result is that they:

  • are quieter than nylon
  • ride over small items better
  • are less likely to damage the floor

However, compared to nylon they are:

  • more expensive
  • likely to wear out more quickly
  • not suitable for heavy loads
Vulkollan wheels for pallet trucks

These are the most expensive option but last well.  Consider them if you need:

  • less wheel noise
  • to run the truck on wet floors
  • non-marking tyres
Steel wheels for pallet trucks

These are a specialist option for exceptionally heavy loads or hostile conditions.  They’re long lasting and heat resisitant but if you use them, you must expect floor damage.

Single or tandem load rollers

A further consideration is whether to fit single or tandem load wheels.  These are the smaller wheels at the front of the forks, they’re also know as rollers.  Tandem rollers spread the load thereby reducing the point loading on the floor.  Furthermore, the articulated design together with poly or vulkollan wheels, allows the truck to pass more easily over small obstructions and uneven surfaces.

We’ll be happy to advise on replacement wheels to be fitted on site across the UK mainland.  Alternatively we can supply new trucks with the most suitable wheels for your application.  Call us now on 0161 272 1900.

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