Exhibition Services and Pallet Trucks

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The design, build and installation of event and exhibition services often requires non standard pallet trucks.  By their very nature they tend to cost more than standard equipment, a good maintenance plan is therefore essential.  Regular maintenance extends service life and reduces downtime.

Pallet Truck Specification

Longer forks, often with a narrower or wider spread are an exhibition services standard to allow the safe handling of larger items like panels, signs and frames.  Wheel equipment is also important, to ensure that the trucks don’t judder to a halt when a stray fixing is encountered on the floor.  Nylon wheels will often stop the truck dead if a small screw or bolt is lying in its path.  This can eject the load with disastrous consequences,  Tandem polyurethane load wheels with either rubber or polyurethane steer wheels will eliminate many of these problems.

Service, Repairs and Parts

An annual service inspection to any mechanical equipment, including pump trucks will help reduce downtime.  With a vast selection of parts in their van, our engineers are generally able to carry out repairs on the first visit, including fitting alternative wheel equipment if required.

Certification for Exhibition Services

It is increasingly necessary to produce valid PUWER certificates for pallet trucks being used on third party premises.  We include this in the cost of a service visit so you have a clear passage when you arrive on site.  For a brief summary of how the regulations have changed, click here.


Regular maintenance, valid certification and the correct wheel equipment are all essential for pallet trucks used for event and exhibition services.   Annual servicing will help ensure that the pallet trucks are functioning well at the time they’re most needed; when time is of the essence.  Call us today on 0161 272 1900 or email [email protected] for more details.