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HallmarkFIX Exhibitionists!

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Giving a great service, saving companies large amounts of money whilst helping the environment is all very well but how do you get the message out there?  HallmarkFIX were one of 53 exhibitors at the Stockport Business Expo held at Stockport FC where nearly 350 visitors attended.  Many of the exhibitors were offering business consultancy, security systems and promotional gifts so the sight of a ‘broken’ pallet truck was certainly a little different!

Several important new contacts were made at what we considered to be a very useful day  Clive, our Service Manager had the privilege of being there all day (he said something about backache) whilst Christine brought a bit of much needed glamour and helped out over the busiest period. With a stand offering fine wines on the opposite side of the aisle, Roger, our Director, showed far more restraint than we would have expected.  Did the price have something to do with it we wonder!

So now it’s time to get on with following up the enquiries.