First Impressions – HallmarkFIX Can Make a Lasting Impression

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First Impressions. It’s a phrase often said but until recently I had not really thought about it or where it still might apply to HallmarkFIX after 20 years of pallet truck repairs and servicing.

A new customer called and was asking about our second hand pallet trucks for sale. As I was explaining that we don’t generally sell used pallet trucks because of their rarity he interrupted me and said. “What about those on your web-site then?”

The customer was referring to one of our pictures that were meant to illustrate how we can take a room full of “redundant trucks” and make them good again. His first impression though was that we were selling these off.

We carried on talking and he told me that he was looking for a used pallet truck because his current truck had started to leak from the ram so thought it would be cheaper to buy (used) than repair. I reassured him that repairs are nearly always the better option and the cost would be a fraction of the price of a new truck.  So he booked a service visit for his truck and we managed to fix the leak, a seal needed replacing, for much less than the cost of even a good used hand pallet truck.

I realised after we had completed the job that this customer’s real first impression was that his truck could not be repaired. I managed to change his mind and saved him money, let HallmarkFIX do the same for you.

Call today and let us give you a lasting impression of simplicity, value and great customer service.