Five myths about pallet truck servicing

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Pallet trucks are often seen as throw away items, that they’re not worth looking after.  In this article we challenge five myths about pallet truck servicing.

There’s no point in servicing a pallet truck

Any mechanical equipment will benefit from a bit of tlc. It not only makes them last longer, it makes them smoother and easier to use.  Money invested in caring for pallet trucks pays dividends.

Servicing is expensive

Getting engineers on site across England and Wales is an expensive business.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be cost effective.  Our minimum charge covers the service, certification and minor repairs for up to three trucks.  If you only have one truck, it will average more than if you have three, but it may still be worth doing.

It’s better to throw them away and buy new

This is bad for the environment, bad for UK jobs and bad for your bottom line.  The energy and raw materials needed to manufacture and transport trucks uses vast amounts of natural resources.  Allowing UK engineers to maintain equipment means more UK employment.  Most of all, buying good quality trucks and looking after them will keep lifetime costs low.

It’s not worth the bother

For the first visit we need to know who and where you are.  Our engineer will visit site with everything he needs to finish the job.  We’ll raise an invoice which you can pay by BACS, card or cheque.  We’ll keep in touch by email and a couple of months before they need doing again, we’ll tell you.  Easy peasy!

Preventative maintenance is a waste of money

The key is to buy good equipment, maintain it regularly and extend its life.  It may cost more in the short term but the lifetime cost should be dramatically lower.  Downtime also costs money, this reduces it.

Banish the five myths about pallet truck servicing from your company.  More and more companies are seeing the advantages; why not join them?