Five myths about pump truck repairs.

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Five myths about pump truck repairs that may be costing you money.

It’s cheaper to buy new

It’s true that you can buy a new truck for a little more than £200 but a repair is often about half of that.  If the faulty truck only cost that sort of money to start with, it may not be possible to repair it though.  Buy cheap, buy twice but why not buy a good one to start with?

Repairs are expensive

That depends on what needs doing and until we see it we can’t be sure.  Many repairs can be included in the cost of a service.  Hydraulic repairs or new wheels may cost more can still be worthwhile.  If you buy a truck with tandem (2) load wheels per fork, it’ll cost a lot more to replace them than a truck with one so be careful what you buy!

It’s too much hassle

Oh really?  Tell us where you are, what the problem is and leave the rest to us.  Our engineer will visit site and repair the truck if it’s worth repairing.  Then you can pay by card, BACS or cheque.  Hassle?  What hassle?

Repairs don’t last

Repairs to a poor quality truck may be a waste of money because the new parts last longer than the rest of the truck! We only repair when we believe it’s worth doing.  Otherwise we’ll suggest you scrap it and buy another from whoever you prefer.

It’s only worth repairing if it’s been serviced regularly

Regular maintenance on anything mechanical will reduce breakdowns but a good quality truck may still be worth repairing.

Typically, a repair costs less than a third of the cost of buying new and if regular maintenance is carried out, even less.  We only repair when it’s worth it, so contact us now and start saving money!

So that’s the five myths about pump truck repairs well and truly busted!