Free Pallet Truck Checklist

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HallmarkFIX launches a free Pallet Truck Checklist

I regularly get asked by Health & Safety or Warehouse Managers “where can I find a safety checklist to give to my pallet truck operatives’. To which I have generally replied “there should be something in the user manual you got with the truck”, sounds sensible doesn’t it?

Turns out that it is not. Can you remember where the user manual is for your hand pallet truck? And if you can most of these don’t really give the kind of information needed to check your pallet truck is safe to use. After lookiing on the net myself I could not find anything that was useful and I knew what to search for.

No need to worry anymore, HallmarkFIX has produced a free ‘HAND PALLET TRUCK OPERATOR DAILY CHECK LIST’. This can be downloaded for free direct from our web site.

We also have these printed on high gloss A3 full colour posters which are ideal for health & safety briefings or warehouse notice boards. For free copies of these please call 0161 272 1900 and tell us how many you require. Or simply fill in the enquiry form on our web pages.