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There’s been a lot of talk about fake reviews recently but how to tell fake from genuine?  We found a useful guide to the subject on the Which? website. It’s certainly worth reading.  Genuine reviews are a useful way of judging the credibility of a potential supplier.   Indeed, here at HallmarkFIX reviews are a key tool when sourcing suppliers, once we judge them to be genuine.

Where to find HallmarkFIX reviews attracts a lot of reviews for us.  We find that people are more likely to leave a review on YELL because it’s easier than logging in to Google but we appreciate both!  We’ve also posted several testimonials on our website which were received directly from our customers, usually by email.

What do these reviews tell you?

A website is a shop window to the world.  A lot of time, money and effort is spent on making sure that it shows the company in the best possible light.  The question is; does the company live up to its claims?  That’s where reviews or testimonials come in.  In our case you can find them by following one of the above links.  Either way, you’ll get honest appraisals of us – warts and all!

So what do they say?

It seems that we get it right most of the time (we’ll never be 100% perfect)!  Friendly, easy to deal with and a good response time seem to be common themes.  Add to that the work is carried out without fuss at an acceptable price and we seem to be doing what HallmarkFIX set out to do.  Be simple to do business with, to have fun while we’re doing it and generate no hassle (for us or you)!

What next?

Why not pick up the phone, speak to one of the team on 0161 272 1900 and give us a try?   Then you can leave us another great review!