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Halloween Horrors

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Deep, deep in the recesses of that dark area no one dare to tread Tony could not resist the cold shiver that ran down his spine.The light touch of a cobweb brushed against his now damp forehead, was he imagining things or could he hear the scurrying of….., what, he did not know. Then he saw them, reflected in the glow of the dim light behind him. Fingers trembling, Tony felt for the switch on the wall. With a click and a flicker the lights finally illuminated the full horrors in front of him. Hideous, broken and misshapen creatures once proud beasts of burden, serving their masters quietly, efficiently but now left rotting where only the brave or foolhardy might venture.

Why oh why had Mr Smith the warehouse manager sent him down to the graveyard of wrecked hand pallet trucks? All this did was bring up the old subject of why was the spend on replacing pallet trucks forever on the increase. And this was a question Tony could not answer!

Does the above tale of terror ring any bells with you dear reader? If so, unlike Tony, HallmarkFIX does have the answer. We belive it is much more economical to repair than replace broken pallet trucks, up to 3 times cheaper.

Let HallmarkFIX venture down to your graveyard, room 101 or whatever you may call your own particular horror store.

We will check through all your lift trucks and if some are just not worth reviving any good parts will be salvaged to use in repairing other pallet trucks in your fleet. This keeps down the cost of the whole service visit and reduces waste. Don’t worry any truck repaired this way won’t look like Frankenstein’s Monster but it will become a valued servant of the warehouse again.