High Lift Pallet Trucks

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Pallet trucks, pump trucks, pallet lifters not only have many differing names or descriptions there are also many types to suit a wide range of operations and requirements.

In this, the first in a short series, we look at:

High Lift Pallet Trucks

Often referred to as hi-lifts or hilifts, offer the duel function of working like a standard pallet truck and also having the ability of raising pallets to a comfortable height for palletising / depalletising goods.

Although restricted to lifting free entry or non-perimeter pallets the hi-lift pallet truck is a useful tool to use in and around small assembly or packing lines and picking stations. With capacities up to 1500kg and a lift height of 800mm they offer flexibility around the work place at a reasonable cost.

Hilifts pedestrian trucks, that are pushed or pulled by the operative without any mechanical assistance but they have the option of having an electric pump to aid lifting.

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