How long does a pallet truck last?

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A good quality pallet truck How long does a pallet truck last?  Now, there’s a question!  It could be weeks, months or years.  It all depends on three key issues.  What’s the working environment?  Will it be maintained?  What about build quality?

What’s the working environment?

Working in a light, clean, dry environment you can expect it to last a lot longer than if it works in a fish market.  If you’re working in a cold store, this can shorten its life dramatically but there are ways to extend it.  If it regularly works and is left outdoors this will also reduce its working life.

Will it be maintained?

Pallet trucks are the workhorses of industry.  They’re used, abused and often neglected.  Nobody tends to think about them until they breakdown.  When this happens, if there are spare trucks available, the broken ones are often dumped in a corner of the warehouse and left there.  When the day comes that there aren’t any spare ones, reality dawns.  Something must be done – urgently.

Very often that involves buying new ones (the expensive option) but maybe you ask for it to be repaired.  Done correctly, this isn’t just the cost-effective solution, it goes to the heart of the problem and clears away the broken ones.

What about build quality?

broken pallet trucks The humble pallet truck is a mechanical piece of kit using hydraulics to lift its load.  If you buy the cheapest, don’t expect it to last.  If you buy a top quality unit, service it regularly and repair it as necessary you’ll keep lifetime costs to a minimum.

Before you buy its worth asking:

  1. Will the truck be delivered assembled or will you need to put it together?
  2. How long is the warranty and will the seller carry out any repairs on site?
  3. Will they provide service and repairs after the waranty period?

So, how long does a pallet truck last?

If you follow the advice below, it may be longer than you think!

  1. Choose your supplier carefully. Ask questions.  One good supplier will offer on site quality equipment and no hassle maintenace.
  2. Buy the right kit for the job (not just the most expensive).
  3. Service it regularly and repair it as necessary, this will extend its life.

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