Manchester Pallet Truck Repairs and Service

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Manchester has many things to be proud of – a rich history, two major football teams and a vibrant economy.  It’s also home to HallmarkFIX; so that’s even more to celebrate!  For over 20 years we’ve been repairing, servicing and inspecting hand pallet trucks across the UK, not to mention selling them.  In that time we’ve achieved an enviable reputation, so here are  few examples of how we’ve helped businesses in Manchester with pallet truck repairs and service.

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Some years ago a contractor was struggling to move large panels around level floors.  The problem was not the dimensions of the trucks as they had long, wide and standard pallet trucks available.  Their concern was that even a small screw on the floor stopped the truck dead in its tracks.  The risk of damage to the load or people, as it slid off the forks was high.  Our recommendation was to replace the single nylon wheels with tandem, poly load rollers.  The solution was an instant success and they’re still in use today.  An annual inspection ensures that they have the correct certification to take them on site across the UK and Europe.  Regular servicing saves potentially damaging oil leaks.

Manchester City Centre Retailer

Driving through Manchester is not for the faint hearted.  Parking near to a major retailer in order to carry out much needed pallet truck repairs and service is even worse!  Yet this is something our engineers do on a regular basis.  Before allowing access to the site it’s  necessary to prove competence by providing Risk Assessments, Method Statements (RAMS) and insurance.  HallmarkFIX carry Safecontractor accreditation and £10,000,000 Public Liability insurance.  Enough for the most demanding customers.  This allows us to repair, service and inspect from one hand pallet truck to a large fleet.

Room 101

The site conditions weren’t bad at all so why, when our engineer arrived on site were so many hand pallet trucks unused and pushed in a corner?  Two reasons.  Firstly, they were mainly cheaper trucks with a higher breakdown rate than better quality models.  Secondly, once they did break down a new unit was purchased and the old one pushed to one side.  After a couple of hours, working trucks were available by cannibalising some and scrapping others.  The result was a fully operational fleet and a valuable lesson learned; this Manchester based company now buys good quality trucks and services them regularly!


Whilst we offer nationwide pallet truck service, repair and inspection we’re actually based in Manchester.  Are we therefore a local supplier?  Yes, we most certainly are and supporting local businesses is good for everyone.  Call us today on 0161 272 1900.