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Pallet Truck Delivery Times

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A Disrupted Supply Chain

There’s no doubt about it that the last three years saw pallet truck delivery times lengthen and prices increase.  Factories have been closed due to Covid.  Container transport charges rocketed before easing back.  Buying pallet trucks has been a lottery.

The knock on effect has often been unnecessary downtime in the warehouse.  Workers jostling to get the best available equipment.  Productivity suffering and order fulfilment extended creating yet more problems waiting to be solved.

Is there an alternative?

Put simply, yes there is.  Problems caused by lack of equipment, increased purchase costs and extended deliveries can all be quickly overcome.


Hassle free Pallet truck repair

We aim to be on site within 5 days (usually less) from receiving your instruction.  All our engineer needs is to be shown the trucks, given a safe place to work and allowed to get on with it. They carry all the spares needed, the tools to work on the trucks and the skills to save you money.

Pallet truck repairIf you’ve amassed several broken units he may even be able to make some good ones out of them without even using any spares.

What does it cost?

Until we get on site and assess the trucks it’s impossible to give an accurate figure.  However, if the truck is beyond economical repair, we’ll tell you.  You can then decide where to buy a new one from.  We’ll happily supply one but we only sell top quality units so they tend to be more expensive (in the short term).  If you decide to buy a cheaper one elsewhere, that’s fine but we suggest you make a note of our details in case it breaks down!

When the job is done you’ll have a PUWER certificate to prove that they’re safe to use and before the next service is due, we’ll contact you to let you know.

What our customers say

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