Pallet Truck Health & Safety

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As I was going into the gym this morning I was asked if I wanted to have a “Health and Welfare Check”. I thought for a moment and declined, after all hadn’t I had a NHS check recently? The staff member asked, “can you remember when exactly that was?” I could not. He then went on to explain that even though I might of been OK when I last got checked over a regular appraisal was recommended. So I agreed to have the health check, which only took a few minutes, the results of which would be available after my workout.

While I was working my way round the gym I went over what the guy had said, I still could not remember when I had my last check, wouldn’t it be good to have someone remind me, I thought. That would be another thing I need not worry about year on year.

Can you remember when your pallet trucks last had a health and safety check up? It was probably further back than you think. They were all OK then but didn’t one of the warehouse guys say his truck “didn’t feel quite right,” the other day? All mechanical items, whether it’s your body or a pallet truck benefit from a regular check-up

Here at HallmarkFIX we take the worry of remembering when your pallet trucks need a PUWER health and safety check along with a service. Whether you have 1 or 100 trucks on 1 site or many trucks over multiple sites, all of them are captured on our Pallet Truck Service Database with full details of work completed and more importantly, just when the next health and safety examination is required. We will contact you about 3 weeks before the next service is due to advise that an engineer has been scheduled to visit, taking the workload off your desk and putting it firmly on ours.

Oh! By the way, in case you were wondering, my check up did not find anything wrong. All I need do now is remember when to have the next one…..