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Did You Enjoy Your Holiday?

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Do you feel better for some rest and recuperation? Maybe you chilled by the pool, spent time with the kids or perhaps something more adventurous.

Regardless, you probably felt a great deal better for it.  After the initial shock of returning to work you seem to function better, more smoothly, work seems to be easier.

Great but what about those tireless workhorses in the warehouse?  Always available, do exactly what you want them to do and rarely complain.  No, not the staff – the pallet trucks!

Mechanical equipment like pump trucks also benefit from a bit of TLC.  After a service they function better, they’re easier to pull, they pump up more efficiently.  It’s a bit like having a car serviced.  It feels smoother, more responsive, more controlled.

Broken wheels, worn bearings, leaking seals and even loose handles will be identified and can be repaired before we leave site.  The story doesn’t end with a service and repairs though, pallet trucks are covered by the PUWER Regulations and therefore require an annual inspection by a competent person.  When the job is done you’ll have a PUWER certificate to prove that it’s been looked at and before it’s due again we’ll contact you to let you know.