Pallet Truck Lifetime Costs

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What is the overall lifetime cost of a Hand Pallet Truck? That is a difficult figure to calculate as there are so many things to consider. From how many shifts does it work in a week, what hours is it in use during those times, the condition of the flooring. The variables are endless.

One thing we at HallmarkFIX do know is that regular service and maintenance of Hand Pallet Trucks add to the length of service of your pallet truck fleet over a lifetime. And it need not cost a fortune.

In my role as Service Manager I’m often on customers’ sites, meeting clients ensuring they are happy with our service along with auditing our many engineers across England and Wales. This recently took me to a busy printing operation on the South Coast.

They had a typical mix of pump trucks; short, narrow printer style. Longer general use pallet trucks and in total there were about 9 or 10 on site. The flooring was fairly OK but even with the best of intentions debris like string and pallet banding can get on the floor and wrap its self around the pallet truck wheels.

It was my first visit here and as we had just completed our second annual service of the pallet truck fleet I was keen to meet with the Warehouse Manager. We talked about the engineers who came on site and he was very happy with the professional way they conducted themselves during the service. Cleaning up after the job had been completed and making sure all the work was explained before having the service sheet signed off.

He was a little concerned about how much this last visit might have cost as the first service had cost around £90.00 per truck. I told him I had seen the current paperwork and this time the cost would be less than £30.00 per truck. I went on to explain further that we often see this when a pallet truck fleet has not been regularly maintained, if at all. However that £90.00 is still at least 3 x better value than buying a new good quality pallet truck.

So we have not really answered the question “What is the overall lifetime cost of a Hand Pallet Truck” but we can show that regular annual servicing by HallmarkFIX can cut your yearly spend on pallet trucks by service and repair, not renewal.