Pallet truck repair and service is our business!

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Pallet truck repair and service is our business!  We’ll visit your premises with all the tools and spares we need.  All we need from you is a safe area in which to work.  Hand the trucks over to our engineer and leave the rest to us.

Is it worth repairing them?
Repair pallet trucks
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Usually, yes it is.  However, if we feel that you’d be better off buying a new one we’ll tell you.  Where you buy a new one from is up to you but  we’d obviously like you to buy from us!  Thousands of pallet trucks are scrapped every year even though many of them could have been repaired and saved the owners a lot of money.

Can you make one good one out of two broken one?

Many companies push broken pallet trucks into a corner until they have a clear out and throw them into a skip.  Usually we can get some of them running by robbing parts from one and using them on another.

What about Health & Safety?

Before we come on site we can send you RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) and a copy of our £10M Public Liability insurance.  To make life easier we’re Safecontractor and ISO 9001 accredited.  Not many pallet truck repair companies can say that!

What next?

Call us on 0161 272 1900 from anywhere in mainland UK and we’ll talk it through with you.  We keep everything simple and when the jobs been done we’ll send you an invoice and you can even pay by card.  So what are you waiting for?