Pallet truck repairs near me

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‘Pallet trucks near me’ is a popular search on Google but are repairs always worthwhile?  We look at the facts to help you decide.

Build Quality

The best pallet trucks cost more than many of their competitors.  However, it’s also likely to be worth repairing them because the  cost of repair is a smaller percentage of the cost of replacement.  On the other hand, replacement is likely to be a better option for a cheap one.  If the cost of repair is likely be more than 60% of a replacement, why bother?

Anything but the chassis

Better quality trucks are designed to allow replacement of wearing parts.  Wheels and bearings, hydraulic seals, trigger linkages, push rods and other moving parts will all need replacement at some point.  In fact on the best trucks it’s generally cost effective to replace anything other than the chassis!

Hydraulic systems

Close tolerances between the cylinder, piston and seals are essential to provide effective lifting and lowering of the load.  Replacing seals on the cheapest units has not been possible but some manufacturer’s have found an answer.  By making the handle, hydraulics and trigger assembly as a single unit, repairs are impossible!  Either buy a complete assembly or a whole new truck.

Lifetime cost

Investing in a slightly more expensive model, servicing it regularly and repairing it as necessary will save money in the longer term.  It’s also better for the environment.  As the saying goes; buy cheap, buy twice.


With ISO9001 and Safecontractor certification using HallmarkFIX couldn’t be simpler.  With the repair complete, we confirm that the truck meets the requirements of the HSE PUWER regulations, if it doesn’t, we won’t do the repair.

In house repairs or a specialist company?

Spares are readily available for most trucks, so if you have the skills in house to repair it, this may be your best option.  If not, HallmarkFIX have engineers across the UK mainland providing cost effective, reliable repairs.   So for ‘pallet truck repairs near me’, call 0161 272 1900 or email [email protected] today to discuss how we can help you.