Pallet Truck Repairs – why bother?

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Pallet Truck Repairs – why bother?  ‘After all they’re not expensive, we’ve got several in use and a lot of old ones that aren’t actually working.  If one breaks down we’ll just buy another.’  This seems to be the case in many companies across the country.

However, there are other companies who take the opposite view.  They buy good, more expensive pallet trucks and look after them with regular servicing.  When they break down they have them repaired and put back into operation.

Does that sound easy?  It is.  Does it save money in the long term?  Most certainly.  Is there a catch?  Maybe!

The cheapest pallet trucks

They may look like a bargain but don’t forget to add the cost of carriage.  Will it be delivered fully assembled or not?  But now you’ve got a working truck for a really cheap price.  Then it stops lifting.  It looks like it may need new seals.  Hang on, it’s a sealed hydraulic unit so the only answer is to buy a new unit and then fit it which costs nearly as much as new one!   Does it still look like a bargain?

Mid-priced pallet trucks

You’re paying more but you’re probably buying a truck that is worth servicing to keep it in tip top condition.  When it breaks down (and every truck will, sometime) all it takes is a phone call and we’ll come on site.  Our engineer carries enough parts to repair it immediately, 99% of the time (including seal kits!).  It’s then back into service until finally it gets so bad that you have to buy a new one.  A bit like Trigger’s broom!

The best pallet trucks

With the highest price, we can do no better than quote Henry Royce ‘The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.’  Regular servicing, repairs as necessary and a lower liftetime cost.  No hassle, less downtime and improved productivity.  Perfect.

What our customers say

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Pallet truck repair.  It just works!