Pallet Truck Service Contracts

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Pallet truck service contracts are not a new idea but are they really necessary?  There are basically three options; service only packages, full maintenance contracts or no contract at all.  Here we discuss the relative merits of each

Full Maintenance Contract

As the name suggests, everything is included; service, certification and repairs.  Costs can be budgeted reasonably accurately but questions you may wish to ask include:

  • Are all makes of truck covered?
  • Who decides when a truck needs scrapping?  Am I then free to shop around for new trucks?
  • Who determines when repairs are not covered i.e. damage due to accident, misuse or negligence?
Service Only Contract

This contract states that the service company will visit site at agreed intervals and service and inspect the trucks under the PUWER Regulations.  Any repairs will be charged extra.  This leaves the customer a little more in control.  If a truck needs replacing due to expensive repairs it’s the customer’s decision as to how to proceed.  A competent supplier will support any make of truck.

No Contract

No hassle

We stand or fall by our service levels.  Whilst we are prepared to offer contracts if required, we see little need for the formality.  We believe that you, the customer should have total control, particularly in times of slower business.

  • We look after any make of truck.  Service, certify and repair it.
  • If the repair is too expensive, we’ll tell you and you can buy another.  From us or elsewhere.  The choice is yours.
  • We’ll agree service intervals and remind you when the next one is due.


Simple and hassle free, we look after fleets large and small – usually without the need for a contract.

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