Pallet Truck Service Contracts

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Recently I’ve been asked by many new or prospective customers about pallet truck service contracts. They are unsure as to how long a contract should be for and at what costs. We at HallmarkFIX have a simple philosophy regarding service or maintenance contracts for pallet trucks. We never ask you to sign up for one.

HallmarkFIX have built their reputation by offering a first class service which we know, by the amount of returning customers, simply works for businesses of all sizes no matter how many pallet trucks they have.

Once a first service has been completed you need never worry again about missing a future service. Backed up by a comprehensive pallet truck service database, we record details of all your pallet trucks and any work carried out on them, when the next preventative maintenance service is due (normally annually) the HallmarkFIX service team will call you to arrange a convenient time to carry out the visit.

We can even add you to our database if you have just bought new trucks from elsewhere. Simply call or email HallmarkFIX with the details, we’ll put them on the database and you can let us take the work off your desk by reminding you when the service is due.

Remember, preventative maintenance or service contracts, HallmarkFIX never asks you to sign one.