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Pallet Truck Warranty

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We all like some peace of mind when purchasing something new, especially if the item is bought from a new source or off the web. If you are looking to buy a new hand pallet truck, the internet is full of sites from multinational manufacturers, material handling specialists and general warehouse suppliers where pallet trucks can be bought. Often these sites will offer a guarantee of some type which on the face of it would seem to give the re-assurance you are looking for. Did you know though that often this guarantee is on the parts only and that if you do need to claim on the pallet truck guarantee the seller will only send out the parts for you to fit.

HallmarkFIX does things differently. Not only do we offer a three year warranty on hand pallet trucks, subject to regular servicing (just like your car or commercial vehicle), if there is a problem then we come out to your site to carry out the repair. After all HallmarkFIX are the experts and your time is better spent on looking after your company.