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The Wheels on the Truck Go Round and Round…

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In extreme cases this can lead to ‘square’ wheels where the bearings have seized completely and the wheels no longer turn.  The only option then is to repair the truck by replacing the wheels and bearings which often requires cutting through the axle, adding to the repair cost.

Long before this happens the pump truck gradually, slowly becomes harder to pull, it requires more effort although it’s unlikely that anyone notices until along comes the engineer to service it.  Suddenly it’s like a new truck!  It works like it used to when it was new, the truck has a new lease of life.

Now assuming somebody is working with that truck for several hours a day.  At the start of the shift they’re full of energy, ready to get work with the right tools to do the job.  As the hours pass, their energy drains, they start to work more slowly and productivity decreases.  After all any human can only do so much before they need to rest so why make it harder for them?

Regular servicing of pallet trucks pays dividends.  It leads to greater efficiency, reduces repair costs and extends the working life of the truck.