Using pallet trucks outdoors

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Using pallet trucks outdoors brings its own problems.  Regular maintenance can prevent many of them.

Garden Centres

By using pallet trucks outdoors, garden centres, plant nurseries and other growing businesses add yet another dimension to pallet truck maintenance.  From hot sunny days (come on, we do get some) to heavy rain, snow and even ice, these workhouses have to cope with it all.  Rough ground, moisture and small wheels are not the best combination for mechanical/hydraulic equipment but many small problems can be fixed before they become big expensive ones!  Regular maintenance pays dividends.

Typical problems

Standard pallet trucks are designed for indoor work but in outdoor industries they can soon suffer from exposure to the elements resulting in seized wheels, leaking hydraulics or faulty trigger mechanisms.  Regular pallet truck maintenance and servicing reduces repairs, extends the life of the pallet truck and keeps costs under control.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is important to any well run businesses but especially in retail and public areas.  Even the humble pump truck needs an annual examination, supported by a PUWER Certificate of Examination.  This a perfect opportunity to give every pallet truck a maintenance check and nip any problems in the bud!

How we can help

HallmarkFIX offers nationwide, professional on-site annual inspection, servicing and repair of pallet trucks.  We take the problem off your desk and place it firmly onto ours; we’ll even notify you every year,  to remind you that’t’s due.

If you’re responsible for pallet truck maintenance call us now on 0161 272 1900.  Even if you’re a long way from Manchester, you’re unlikely to be far from a HallmarkFIX engineer.