Pallet trucks. How often to service?

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Pallet trucks. How often to service? This is an interesting question.  The simple answer is; in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  This is generally every 12 months but more often in some cases.

Applications requiring more regular servicing

If the trucks are to be used in multi-shift operation, wet conditions, cold stores or any other arduous applications they will need more frequent attention.  This could be 6 monthly or even 3 monthly visits but these can be adjusted in the light of experience on site.

What the HSE have to say

The new PUWER regulations are quite clear on the subject.  Pallet trucks should be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Pallet trucks service?

The benefits of hassle free pallet truck service

Pallet trucks are mechanical/hydraulic pieces of kit and as such, will benefit from regular service.  The net result will be less downtime, extended working life and lower lifetime costs.

What we mean by hassle free pallet truck service

We like to keep things simple (that way even our MD knows what’s happening).  All we need to know is where the trucks are, when it’s convenient to visit and who to invoice.  When our engineer arrives on site, all he needs is a clean safe area to work. In his van are all the tools , oils, greases and spare parts he’ll need.


Minor repairs and sundry items like oils and greases are included in the cost of the service.  Larger items like replacement wheels, reseals and linkages will be chargeable.  If the truck is beyond economical repair we’ll recommend you buy a new one.  You can buy from us or elsewhere but in either case we’ll be happy to continue to look after your fleet.  That’s what we do!

What our customers say

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