Pallet Trucks in Clean Rooms

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Pallet trucks in clean rooms and other sterile areas are unlikely to experience intensive usage.  This does not however eliminate the need for regular servicing or certification.  In common with any mechanical or hydraulic equipment, preventative maintenance pays dividends.  These statements are likely to apply equally Stainless Steel Pallet Truckto laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers.

Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Stainless steel pallet trucks are expensive items, mainly due to the high cost of the materials used in their manufacture. This applies not only to the chassis and handle but to the wheels and linkages.  The cost of servicing such a pallet truck is therefore neglible in relation to its purchase price.

Hydraulic Functions

Ironically, reduced usage may adversely affect the hydraulic system as the seals are designed to withstand constant use.  A leaking hydraulic cylinder in a clean area is obviously to be avoided.  Replacement of the seals immediately damage is detected is therefore essential.

PUWER Certification

In common with all work equipment, the HSE state that pallet trucks must be regularly inspected in line with the manufacturers recommendations.  An annual service and inspection is therefore, not only good practice almost certainly a legal requirement.

LOLER Certification

High Lift Pallet Truck Standard pallet trucks do NOT require certification under LOLER but high lift pallet trucks, manual stackers and mobile scissor lifts do.  This must be carried out annually by a competent person and a certifcate issued to state that the quipment is safe for use.  This could be undertaken by a member of staff but they must operate without fear or favour.  An independent inspector eliminates this concern.


Our standard procedure for pallet trucks in clean rooms is to certify them as required prior to servicing and repairing equipment.  Peace of mind is assured.

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