Pallet Trucks used by Manufacturers

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Pallet trucks used by manufacturers in any industry, require regular service and repair.   Essential equipment for the operatives tasked with using them, productivity can drop alarmingly if they’re not available.

Does it Matter?

Hand pallet trucks are comparatively low cost items that are generally overlooked except by those who use them!  The reality is that they’re the workhorse of the factory or warehouse and are rarely considered – until they aren’t available.  However, asking a highly trained engineer to work on a relatively simple piece of equipment is unlikely to be a viable option.  The fact remains however, that they Broken pallet trucks are essential to the smooth running of the factory.

In House Maintenance

For in house maintenance departments, the humble pump truck is understandably, a low priority.  This is not a reflection on the engineers involved, simply a fact.  To maximise productivity, production machinery will always take precedence.  The result can be excessive purchases of new, and the unnecessary scrapping of existing pump trucks.

Fork Truck Engineers

Asking a fork truck engineer to look at them is unlikely to be a worthwhile solution.  Trained to work on powered trucks, this option is unlikely to be cost effective.  It’s a similar situation to in house engineers.

Sub Contract Expertise

Pallet trucks for repair Using a specialist company to maintain, repair and certificate pallet trucks used by manufacturers is a simple answer.  With a clean, safe area to work in, the trucks can be collected by our engineer or brought to the area to be worked on.  Regular preventative maintenance or ad-hoc repairs – the choice is yours – but the result is likely to be the same.  Less downtime.  Improved productivity.  Fewer purchases of new equipment.


There are actually a vast number of parts on a pallet truck, although this may not be evident at first glance.  With fully stocked vans, specialist tools and useful experience, our engineers can carry out most repairs quickly on the first visit.  If there are a number of trucks awaiting the scrap man, it may even be possible to good make units out of bad.  More savings!


The savings to be made by allowing pallet truck engineers to work alongside your own team are huge.  Why not call us on 0161 272 1900 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you.