Pallet Trucks – Safe Working Load (SWL)

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Typically, a hand pallet truck has a safe working load of 2000kgs to 2500kgs.  This is easily sufficient for most operations.  A full pallet usually weighs less than 1200kgs and even that takes a lot of effort to pull!   If you’ve ever tried moving a loaded hand pallet truck you’re probably wondering how on earth a 2500kg ton load can be moved around!

Larger Capacities

However, there are times when larger loads do need to moved and capacities of 3000kgs, 3500kgs and even 5000kgs are available.  Design and build qualities become even more important on these units so the credibility of the supplier comes into play yet again.

Obviously, the strength of the chassis is a key factor but the hydraulics must be man enough for the load.  The wheel and bearings support the weight and on the largest capacities, steel wheels may be the only option.  Let’s not forget the push rods that raise the load wheels, they’ll also be subjected to massive strain.  Our advice is to be careful, what appears to be a bargain may well prove to be a costly mistake!

As with any pallet truck, they will benefit from regular maintenance.  If repairs do become necessary, HallmarkFIX are on hand to help across mainland UK.

Health & Safety

Finally, a word on Health & Safety.  Clearly the power needed to pull these loads far exceeds the guidelines laid down in the HSE Manual Handling Regulations. So full risk assessments will need to be undertaken as well as regular PUWER inspections on the equipment.



It’s likely that 2000kgs capacity will be more than adequate for most applications.  Indeed it’s reasonable to expect that the operator will be the limiting factor rather than the truck.  There may however be times when heavy loads will need to be moved.  Regardless, please call us for further information. 0161 272 1900. Remember, we cover the UK mainland.  We look forward to hearing from you.