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Springtime for Hand Pallet Trucks

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Springtime, it’s almost here!

Really? I can hear you all say. And with snow on the ground coupled with sub-zero temperatures I can understand where you are coming from.

The gardeners amongst you though will now is the time to start preparation for the coming season. Seedlings need to be cultivated, grass feed and weed killers have to be bought in ready for the work required in and around the garden.

Now think about the pallet trucks you and your staff are using. Do they look a little worse for wear after the busy winter / Christmas period? Are they a little stiff to pull or steer around the warehouse, shop floor or in the rear of your delivery vehicles?

It’s the right time now to get you hand pallet trucks spruced up and in peak condition for the coming year.

Like a garden needs nutrients to keep it in tip top condition a pallet jack also needs some care and attention. Oil to give it some extra lift, the wheel bearings of the pallet forks could probably use a re-grease to ensure smooth running and the same applies to the pallet truck steer wheels.

Call HallmarkFIX today to book your Hand Pallet Truck in for a spring clean and service.