Pallet Trucks for Temporary Warehousing

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Increasingly, logistics companies, parcel couriers, manufacturers, third party distributors and others need reliable pallet trucks for temporary warehousing. To meet fluctuations in demand at busy periods temporary warehousing can prove to be a viable option.  Lead times of one week from decision to operation are quoted by some of our customers.  This is achieved by hiring in fork trucks and bringing hand pallet trucks and other items out of storage.

This is an ideal solution for parcel delivery companies who are able to anticipate their peak times and plan accordingly.  Racking, desks and chairs and other static equipment offer few problems.  Mechanical items may become inoperable due to lack of use.

Unanticipated Temporary Warehousing

Sudden and unexpected expansion may lead to an urgent unexpected requirement.  The alternative to buying extra pallet trucks may be found by repairing that hidden pile of broken trucks. 

Hire or Store?

The hire of pallet trucks for temporary warehousing may be an option but traceability can be a problem.  Unexpected costs for lost units can often be the result.  A useful alternative may be to buy the extra trucks and then store them in a trailer until required.  The downside is that pump trucks that are mothballed for a period of time may fail to function correctly at the very moment they are required!

The Solution

HallmarkFIX work with third party distributors, parcel delivery, pallet distribution networks, manufacturers, retailers and service companies.  A few days before the trucks are needed, we visit site, check, service, repair and certificate them all before returning them to the storage area.  When they’re needed, they’re functioning, safe and ready for work.  We also make good trucks out of bad by using parts off one to repair others.

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