Celebrating 20 Years of Pallet Truck Repairs

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I was talking to a potential new customer the other day, they had several hand pallet trucks to service and repair, when I was asked the question, “What guarantees do you give?” As I was going through my normal response, advising that if a repair failed after a short time and it was due to a faulty part we would of course come back to site to repair. I was just about to also explain that misuse or customer damage was not covered when he stopped me and said, “No, I don’t mean that type of guarantee, what I really want to know is how do I know I can trust you as a company?”

I was stumped for a moment but then but had a flash of the obvious. HallmarkFIX celebrated its 20th year in business during 2017 and coincidentally I noticed that we had also received our 20,000th enquiry a few hours before the call I was on. Now I’m not saying that all of those enquiries amounted to an order but it did make me realise that to be going for this time meant we must be doing something right. Especially as a good portion of those enquiries were repeat business and some of this was from customers we had dealt with from the start.

So I explained this to my potential customer and this was exactly the kind of thing he was thinking about. He wanted confidence that we were, for all of our accreditations with ISO and Safecontractor, a company he could trust to do a good job and still be around in the unlikely event that something went wrong.

We are not perfect and things can go wrong from time to time but over 20 years in the business has taught and continues to teach us ways to improve so that we can continue to offer confidence and value to all of our customers.

By the way that enquiry did turn into an order so if you want to benefit from HallmarkFIX’s service, call us or send an enquiry today.