UKCA Marking replaces CE Marking

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UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking replaces CE marking now that the UK has left the EU.  From 1st January 2021 most new equipment sold in Great Britain must display a UKCA mark. A CE mark is however still valid for new equipment until 31st December 2021.

What a UKCA mark means

In the context of handling equipment, this legislation is concerned with the health and safety of people.  It also covers correct product function.  It is not a guarantee of quality and is only an indication of compliance.

Declaration of Conformity

This is the document issued by the manufacturer or importer which relates to the equipment.  It is not a nice to have option, it’s proof that the design meets the relevant standards.  Each truck you buy should be supplied with a Declaration of Conformity.

Instructions for Use

Comprehensive instructions should also be supplied with each item, including pallet trucks.  They should be in English and easy to understand.

What it Applies to

If CE marking was previously required, UKCA marking will usually now be necessary.  All materials handling equipment is included; pallet trucks together with high lift models, mobile scissor lifts, stair climbers, stackers etc.  Regardless of where the equipment is manufactured the UKCA mark applies.

Ongoing Certification

Whilst UKCA marking replaces CE marking, PUWER and LOLER certification still apply.


This article is intended only as a brief guide for users.  If equipment is purchased from a reputable source it is likely that the new legislation will have been followed.  It applies equally to imported goods where the responsibility for marking falls upon the importer.

For further clarification please visit the HSE site