Using Pallet Trucks in a Cold Store

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Using pallet trucks in a cold store with temperatures in the region of -30 degrees centigrade raises several issues.  Obviously this is a harsh environment for humans but they can be protected with warm clothing and regular breaks in ambient temperatures.  For pallet trucks it can be equally difficult but the solutions are quite different.  However, provided these guidelines are followed, problems should be few.

Pallet Trucks Oils and Greases

Commercial aircraft operate in similar temperatures or even lower.  So, as you sit in comfort at 30,000 feet on your way to a hot and sunny holiday spare a thought for the aircraft.  The outside temperature could be around -50 degrees centigrade!  For this reason, the hydraulic oils and greases used in the aircraft have been designed to cope with these temperatures.  That’s why you’ll find same ones in our cold store prepared pallet trucks.

In and out or always in?

This may sound like a strange question but it’s one we’ve been asked many times.  Should the trucks be left in the cold store permanently?  Should they be given regular breaks like the operators?  Without question, leave them in providing they have the correct oils and greases.  When a truck is moved from -30 degrees to a more comfortable temperature, condensation will appear on the truck.  If the truck then re-enters the cold store, the moisture will freeze and damage to the seals may follow.  If moved in and out for short periods, rust is likely appear.


Regular maintenance is advisable for all pallet trucks but cold store units, it’s vital.  We recommend twice yearly service and inspection.


Many companies have struggled using cold store trucks.  However, if the basic procedures shown above are complied with, problems should  be few.  If you’re currently experiencing difficulties why not call us on 0161 272 1900 and see if we can help.