Why Bother with Pallet Truck Maintenance?

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Regular pallet truck maintenance is a no brainer when you realise how much money can be saved.  A hand pallet truck appears to be almost invisible until the day it breaks down.  It then becomes obvious how important it is to the smooth running of the operation.  Downtime costs money.  Regular service and repair of the pallet truck fleet overcomes the problem.

It’s not just the cost of repair or purchase of a new one.  What about trying to find a spare truck?  Finding someone reliable to repair it?  Googling for the best deal on a new one (and that’s rarely the cheapest or even the most expensive offer)!  All of this takes time.

So how do we stop it happening and save money in the process?

With two simple words – regular maintenance!


These are at the heart of the truck.  If they fail, the truck is useless.  The oil level needs to be checked regularly but is it?  Are there signs of oil on the floor or on the outside of the pump unit?  Do the forks tend to lower by themselves?

The handle and trigger mechanism

The strain on the bolts attaching the handle to the frame is huge.  Are they tight?  Have some broken or gone missing?  Do all three positions on the lever work well – raise, lower and neutral?  Is the connecting rod adjusted correctly?

Wheels and bearings

Is there tape around the axles?  Have the wheels got flat spots?    Does the truck feel harder to pull?  This could be a sign of failing bearings or square wheels!

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the pallet truck fleet overcomes these problems.  Even if it’s only once a year our engineers will check, adjust, top up and generally fettle the trucks.  Add that to a daily check to make sure any problems are reported quickly and downtime may be a thing of the past.  Of course if you need a new truck, we can help there as well!

Call us now on 0161 272 1900 for maintenance and repairs across mainland UK.  We offer free advice without obligation so start saving money now!