Cheap pallet trucks

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Why not buy cheap pallet trucks?  After all, a pallet truck is just a pallet truck and you don’t intend to use it more than a few times a week.  We may not agree with this reasoning but it appears many people do.  However, we get calls on a fairly regular basis from people who’ve bought a pallet truck on price only to find that it wasn’t quite the bargain they thought!

Self assembly

Now we’re fully aware that the world has moved on and self assembly flat pack furniture is not unusual.  We’re not fans of this trend but its now commonplace so we, like others, accept it.  When it comes to pallet trucks though, we believe that when you take the wrapping off, you should have a working unit.  You shouldn’t have to fit the handle before you can use it!

What if it goes wrong?

We answer the phone to find out that yet another company have bought a cheap pallet truck.  They failed to fit the handle correctly and now it can’t be used and it needs an experienced engineer to refit everything!   The response from the supplier?  It’s customer damage so you sort it out!  This means paying for someone to repair it or buying another one.  In either case, you could probably have bought a really good quality, ready assembled unit for less than the final bill!

Quality counts

A good quality model from a reliable supplier and regular service from a specialist company is likely to offer lower lifetime costs than buying a cheap pallet truck.  As the saying goes ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’.  Here at HallmarkFIX you can buy ready to use pallet trucks at competitive prices with maintenance just a phone call away.  Call us today on 0161 272 1900.

Join our long list of satisfied customers who agree.  Sometimes they too have learnt the hard way!