Liftmate Pallet Truck Repairs

We repair and service all types of pallet truck, including Liftmate models

At HallmarkFIX, we make it as simple as possible to repair your pallet trucks, getting you back up and running with an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Many pallet trucks are fairly affordable pieces of kit, which can make them seem disposable. Within Liftmate’s huge range, there are plenty of hand truck models that we regularly see chucked out and replaced with little thought.

But even those on the lower end of the Liftmate price range cost more when bought new than the price of a repair.

With affordable average costs, repairs are much, much cheaper than buying new, keeping costs down, with the added benefit reducing your impact on the environment.

Our engineers work all over the UK and travel with fully stocked vans, meaning 99% of repairs are carried out on the first visit to keep your downtime to a minimum. Please note that we only repair hand pallet trucks.

We can also provide you with annual servicing – this helps you keep on top of issues before they turn into breakdowns, and also keeps you on top of your PUWER certification, a requirement for using pallet trucks in the workplace.

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Liftmate pallet truck services

Repair and Recycle

Get your trucks booked in for a repair – affordable average costs make it the most cost-effective option.

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Annual Servicing

Regular servicing reduces downtime, keeps your PUWER certification up to date, and costs less than you might think.

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