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Weighing Pallet Truck

Weighing pallet trucks are invaluable to boost productivity. No longer is it necessary to move the pallet to the scales – it’s already on there!

If you need to know how much:

  • the scrap product you’re selling weighs before it leaves your premises
  • a pallet weighs before you load your vehicle.
  • a load weighs before you dispatch it via a logistics company
  • an incoming product weighs

Or maybe you need to weigh ingredients as they progress through production or carry out a stock check without laboriously counting everything – this is the truck for you.

These are only simple examples of the many uses these versatile and cost effective machines are used for.

By using shear-beam load cells accuracy of 0.2%, 0.1% or even 0.05% of the maximum capacity can be achieved. Models are available with rechargeable or disposable batteries

The weight indicator is clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions, the keyboard is waterproof and calibration and configuration can be undertaken from it.

For clean rooms, wet conditions, food processing and even ATEX-zoned areas, stainless steel models are available. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Three-year on-site warranty included on all new hand pallet trucks – click here for more info.