Why Buy New When We Can Repair?

National Coverage on Pallet Truck Repairs from HallmarkFIX

At HallmarkFIX, we subscribe to a simple doctrine – don’t bin it, fix it!

With a new pallet truck costing hundreds, pallet truck repair is much cheaper than buying new. On average, a repair is a third of the cost of a brand new truck.

Add up that saving over an entire fleet of trucks and you could be looking at a saving of thousands over the years if you repair rather than replace.

Not only is it cheaper, it’s much better for the environment too. For something like a hand pallet jack or pump truck, the vast majority of its carbon footprint will come from its manufacture and transportation – not from the day to day use.

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Talk to us about large fleets of pallet trucks

If you have a full fleet of pallet trucks, spread across multiple locations, replacement costs can really start to add up.

At HallmarkFIX, we offer a pallet truck maintenance and repair service for large fleets, which can help you save even more over the years.

Regular servicing is a great way to keep costs down – it extends the life of your trucks and reduces the chances of a breakdown, which in turn reduces downtime. If our engineers spot something that needs repairing, they’ll do it there and then on the day.

We also keep track of all the records for you, so you don’t have to worry about booking us in – we’ll be in touch when it’s time for a service.

It’s a great way to ensure you’re staying on top of your health and safety requirements for your trucks too.

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Whether you’ve got one jack in your stockroom that needs fixing, or an entire fleet of pallet trucks across dozens of locations that could do with some regular maintenance to keep them in working order, we can help. Fill in the form below with a few details, and we’ll be in touch with a quote that we guarantee will be a cheaper price than a brand new truck.

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Not convinced? You can also buy new...

We offer great prices on a wide range of new pallet trucks, all coming with a three-year warranty. Take a look at our shop and make an enquiry today.

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If your pallet truck is past the point of repair, we also have a range of new ones available for sale.

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Our free checklist runs through a quick daily inspection that will keep trucks working for longer.

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