Environmental Policy

Our commitment to repair and recycle, not replace

At HallmarkFIX, we believe that it’s time for a change in thinking when it comes to both the environment, and the economy.

Good quality equipment costs more in the short term but often less in the long term, although many users often favour cheaper products with a limited lifespan that can easily be discarded and replaced with something new.

It should be pretty obvious that this is bad for the environment – the amount of energy needed to manufacture, distribute, deliver and dispose of old models is huge.

Instead, well designed, robustly manufactured equipment – serviced regularly and repaired as necessary – saves money, energy and jobs.

Our policy is to supply such equipment. Predominantly manufactured in the UK and Europe, a longer life cycle is supported by lower distribution costs, providing further savings in money and energy.

We think environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice should be seen as setting the minimum standards for performance, and will always work to exceed them.

Pallet truck repair and recycling

Our goal is to make recycling and repairing pallet trucks a viable, convenient option for businesses – and to do to this, it has to be efficient and cost-effective when compared to buying new.

We commit to working with our customers and suppliers to make sure we deliver this, and to help us all to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

We also operate a network of engineers across the UK to keep travelling distances down and to make sure we can be on site as quickly as possible, keeping your downtime to a minimum too.

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Pallet Truck Repairs

With our affordable repairs, we've focused on making it a cost-effective option compared to buying new.

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Pallet Truck Daily Checklist

Our guide to daily maintenance checks that can help you extend the life of your manual handling equipment.

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