PUWER & LOLER Regulations

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HallmarkFIX provide certification for the HSE's manual handling equipment regulations

Owning and operating manual handling equipment means you have certain Health & Safety responsibilities.

You need to take steps to ensure that your employees, and the public, are not put at risk by the machinery used on your sites.

There are two main HSE regulations that apply to manual handling applications – PUWER and LOLER.

What is PUWER?

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) covers just about all machinery that’s used every day in the workplace – even something like a conveyor belt or powered gate. It also includes all kinds of manual handling equipment, including pallet trucks and stair climbers.

PUWER states that you should make sure equipment is suitable for use in the purpose and conditions in which you’re using it, that it’s maintained in a safe condition, and that it’s inspected by a competent person to make sure that it continues to be safe to use. You also need to keep proper records of your inspections.  We can help with this.

What is LOLER?

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 1998) requires lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined regularly, usually at 12-monthly intervals.

Much like PUWER regulations, it requires equipment to be safe to use, and inspected by a competent person, with records kept. It’s designed to provide a more focused set of regulations for equipment involved with lifting and transporting people and goods.

What's the difference between PUWER and LOLER?

They’re similar, but separate, regulations, so they can often be confused. Generally speaking, anything that has to meet LOLER standards will also need to meet PUWER standards, but there are many types of machinery that only have to meet PUWER standards, and not LOLER standards.

All our pallet truck and stair climber service packages include the relevant inspection together with all necessary documentation.  Full details are available on the HSE site but why not discuss it with our service manager?

Pallet trucks only need to be inspected under LOLER if they are high-lift models, while stair climbers require both PUWER and LOLER certification. Fortunately, we can provide both.

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