LOLER – Thorough Examinations for Manual Equipment


For some time it has been unclear exactly what is the minimum lifting height equipment at which a LOLER Thorough Examination is required.

This has caused some confusion with items lifting to lower heights, like hand pallet trucks, pallet lifters, Skoots (furniture movers) and mobile scissor lift tables. It is now clear that any equipment that lifts more than 300mm from the ground, requires a Thorough Examination under the LOLER 1998 Regulations and a written report needs to be completed to prove that the examination has taken place.

Even if it isn’t powered, the risk of injuries from faulty, badly maintained equipment are still there.  A mechanical failure could easily lead to slippage of the load or a sudden descent crushing the operator.  A Thorough Examination is just that, a complete check to ensure that everything is working correctly and that there is no fatigue in the chassis or welds.

Here at HallmarkFIX we specialise in examining manual handling equipment including High Lift Pallet Trucks, Mobile Scissor Lifts, Skoots and Powered Stair Climbers but through our network of inspectors we can cover most other pieces of equipment as well.

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