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The HSE PUWER Regulations have Changed

Overview The HSE PUWER Regulations changed from an annual requirement into a Risk Assessment based system on January 1st 2021.  The implications of this are really quite interesting.  Fundamentally, it confirms that safe use of the equipment entails regular service and repair, in addition to inspection.  This change can be viewed on the Health & […]

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Service Level Update

In this ever changing environment we’re continuing to follow Government Guidelines with regards to social distancing, hygiene and self-isolation.  Our administrative staff are all working from home but this has no impact on the speed of our response. PUWER/LOLER certification, servicing and repairs will be carried out in line with the HSE statement ‘Keep your […]

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PUWER, LOLER and Coronavirus

We’re here to help even if PUWER, LOLER and coronavirus may not be the most riveting of titles!  However, it seems important that we explain our understanding of the current situation. The media. We’re all inundated with news, views, comments and possibly fake news depending what we read or listen to.  Our suggestion is to […]

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Service Level Assurance

Coronavirus As we enter a time of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, may we reassure our customers of our commitment to keeping things running as normal. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure that our high levels of service remain unchanged. The safety and wellbeing of […]

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Do PUWER and LOLER regultions still apply now the UK has left the EU?  We’re still in the transition period so things may change.  For now the answer appears to be yes, according to the HSE website.  What does this mean for users of pallets, high lift pallet trucks and mobile scissor lifts? Pallet Trucks […]

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Pallet truck repairs near me

‘Pallet trucks near me’ is a popular search on Google but are repairs always worthwhile?  We look at the facts to help you decide. Build Quality The best pallet trucks cost more than many of their competitors.  However, it’s also likely to be worth repairing them because the  cost of repair is a smaller percentage […]

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Replacement Parts for Pallet Trucks

Replacement parts for pallet trucks are widely available and their cost is generally not excessive.  Fitting them may appear to be easy but what parts are available? Modular Design Pallet trucks have traditionally been designed to enable most individual parts to be replaced.  The alternative is composite parts made up of many smaller ones.  With […]

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for Pallet Trucks Pays Dividends

Pallet truck maintenance pays dividends because any mechanical equipment benefits from being looked after. Who benefits? Retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, garden centres, wholesalers, universities, hospitals, schools, museums, indeed any organisation using pallet trucks will benefit.  Pallet truck maintenance works, the return on investment (ROI) from regular servicing and repair of your pallet trucks is a […]

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Using pallet trucks outdoors

Using pallet trucks outdoors brings its own problems.  Regular maintenance can prevent many of them. Garden Centres By using pallet trucks outdoors, garden centres, plant nurseries and other growing businesses add yet another dimension to pallet truck maintenance.  From hot sunny days (come on, we do get some) to heavy rain, snow and even ice, […]

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RAMS and Liability Insurance

RAMS and liability insurance are fundamental requirements for many companies when inviting a contractor onto site.  Safecontractor registration confirms that these are in order but many companies want to see the documents for themselves. Additionally, legislation is increasing and the list of items required by many companies continues to grow.  Anti-slavery, bribery and corruption statements […]

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