Hand Pallet Truck Repairs

Don't bin it – repair it with HallmarkFIX!

Hand pallet truck repairs are cost effective, hassle free and easy to arrange.  Average repair costs are about a third of the price of a decent new truck.

No hassle pallet truck repairs Why HallmarkFIX?

With 25 years of experience of repairing pallet trucks we reckon to know a bit about the subject!  It’s what we do.  It’s in our company DNA.  If it isn’t worth repairing, we’ll tell you.  If it is, you’ll save money.  Maybe a lot of money.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say.

Hand pallet truck repairs

Hand pallet trucks are the workhorses of the warehouse.  They’re used and abused on a regular basis.  They’re usually forgotten and often neglected.  They need to withstand the rigours of the workplace but they do breakdown, usually at the worst possible moment.  Just when you need them up and running.  We can normally be on site in the same time it takes for a new one to be delivered so downtime is kept to a minimum.  The net result is savings, savings, savings.

Broken pallet trucks awaiting scrap The dumping area!

You know, that back room that has all your old equipment in it, waiting to be chucked out. It’s full of leaking hydraulics and broken forks, and probably lacks a few wheels.

Save them from the skip – let us have a look!  We might be able to salvage a few fully functional trucks from their remaining good parts.  Yet more savings!

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We keep repair costs low – but they will obviously vary from job to job. We guarantee any repairs we carry out will be cheaper than a new truck – and if feel it’s uneconomical to fix a truck, we’ll tell you.

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